IM was founded in Sweden 1938 as a reaction against violence, oppression and widespread human rights violations. All over the world where IM works, we continue to fight for human rights, peaceful societies, equality, democracy and sustainable development. In Sweden, we protect human rights with a special focus on gender equality and anti-racism. We enable solutions on complex societal problems regarding social and economic inclusion for people that are new in Sweden.

When nationalist and antidemocratic forces are gaining ground, in Sweden like in so many other parts of the world, IM brings together forces advocating democracy and openness. We connect to other organisations, companies, public entities and individuals and we connect rightsholders to society. We boost, support and create opportunities to collectively bring about change and protect the civic space – that is, the space we wish to be filled by free and vibrant civil society organisations.

In Sweden, IM plays an important role in civil society by mobilising volunteers and strengthening their capacity to contribute. We collaborate with various agents in all sectors and build strong partner ecosystem with the aim of strengthening the possibilities for empowerment.

We fight exclusion, both social and economic, and are constantly improving methods and solutions to do so. To create mutual integration, we organise and promote meeting places, for example language cafés and projects where we encourage Swedes and people who are new in Sweden to meet, involve in different activities and thus get to know each other. We also provide tools for people so they can start businesses and learn how to communicate with authorities. These activities are enabling access to the new society and the right to social inclusion.

We believe that gender inequalities, racism and discrimination are hinders for sustainable development. We address these issues in order to create equality and inclusion and to fulfil the Sustainable Development Goals in Agenda 2030. For example, we run a test-program where women who are new in Sweden are empowered and encouraged to enter the Swedish job market. All our activities have a clear anti-racist agenda.

In the list on the right-hand side you can read more about the different programmes and projects IM runs in Sweden. (All links are in Swedish. For more information, please contact our Regional Director Sweden/Northern Europe).