Partners El Salvador

Anades was originally founded in 1989 to support orphans who had lost their parents during the civil war. Today the organization maintains its work with children and education, closely related to violence prevention and culture of peace. Anades also works with rural development, with a strong focus on economic empowerment of women, human rights and food security.

Agrupación por la despenalización del Aborto
This group works for the depenalization of abortion in El Salvador and for the protection of women accused of homicides due to births of stillborn babies outside of hospitals. La Agrupación carry out advocacy work both nationally and internationally to change the legal framework and liberate the imprisoned women. La Agrupación support the women with strategic litigation to defend their rights.

Centro Bartolomé de Casas
Bartolomé de las Casas Center is a non-profit Salvadorian social organization focused on popular education and human developmen. The organisation works from different skills and in dialogue with colleagues from different countries, reflecting, sharing and influencing the field of masculinities with a pro feminist commitment. The program proposes an approach from integral focus on masculinities, emphasizing training and research among men from popular sectors and advocacy together with women’s and international organizations.

Coincidir is a youth network for people under 29 years working with sexual and reproductive health rights. The network is based on the conviction that SRHR is a basic human right for all young people in the country. Their main focus is advocacy work at different levels in the country, based on empowerment and participation of youth and in alliances with other strategic actors.

Colectiva Feminista
Colectiva Feminista is a feminist civil society organization working in sexual and reproductive rights, human rights and women empowerment. La Colectiva has a wide range of intervention levels, from community-based work with women to national and international advocacy work. La Colectiva is part of different networks and alliances with social movement, at a local, national and international level.

Fundación de Estudios para la Aplicación del Derecho (FESPAD) is an institution and a center for the promotion and defence of human rights. FESPAD works in the areas of transparency, social and economic rights and security. Their work is mainly focused on advocacy and strategic litigation, but they also promote community-based interventions with rightsholders. FESPAD integrates multiple national and international networks and alliances, from which the knowledge and respect of human rights is promoted.

Fundación Red de Sobreviventes y Personas con Discapacidad de El Salvador, FRS promotes human right for people with disabilities and their families. The partner has a strong focus on community-based work and supports economic empowerment of people with disabilities. This work is complemented by national and international advocacy work for the protection of PWD rights.

Tiempos Nuevos Teatro (TNT) is an association of artistic and socio-cultural promotion that accompanies children, youth, women and the elderly population in education processes, organization and citizen participation to improve their living conditions at a personal and collective level. TNT works closely with women imprisoned for obstetric emergencies, both in prison and after they are freed.