Make a complaint, whistleblowing

We are very happy that you take the time to contribute to IM’s development! Because for IM, transparency, learning and continuous improvement is necessary to reach our long-term objectives: equality and democracy. This is why we welcome opinions in the shape of complaints or whistle-blowing (below called ‘complaints’).

Partner organisations, members, volunteers, board members, advisors, rights-bearers and others affected by IM’s operations are all welcome to voice their complaints if we don’t live up to the commitments that we communicate in our steering documents.

If you have experienced, seen, or heard of, inappropriate behaviour from IM’s staff, people linked to IM, or someone from IM’s partners, we want you to inform us by filling in the form below. Maybe you have seen, or suspect, that someone is not following IM’s policies, guidelines, agreements, code of conduct or laws in Sweden or any other country where IM is working. Or perhaps you have seen incidents related to accidents, safety or work environment that you think that we should know about.

IM will not pay attention to the following complaints:

  • Comments regarding mail order products, handling of your personal data or your membership. Please contact Donor Services at and the will take good care of you.
  • Unclear complaints that are very difficult to investigate
  • Complaints about work that is not funded by IM
  • If it regards something where there is already an ongoing investigation by a regulatory agency or legal or public authority.
  • If the complaint includes inappropriate or offensive language
  • Spam from an unknown source

The quality of IM’s work is guided by the following documents:

Code of conduct
Policy on anti-corruption
Rules for procurement
Social media policy
Policy on alcohol and drugs
Business Partnership Policy

Leave your complaint

Your complaint will be sent to our Complaints Response Group. They will decide if there is enough information to start an investigation. As an informant, you will be informed that the complaint has been received, if you have filled in your e-mail address in the complaints form.

Your complaint will be treated confidentially, which means that very few people will participate in the handling of your information. You can also choose to be anonymous, but you have to leave some form of contact information if you want feedback from us. IM strives to guarantee that you who leave a complaint will not experience any retribution by IM, provided that your complaint has been raised in good faith.

If you don’t want to fill in a form but prefer to e-mail us, you can contact us at or to our independent, elected auditor at